Today I will share a poem .

When God created a man, he created him to be the HEAD of the family and not to BEHEAD the family.
He crafted him to CONCEIVE vision and not to DECEIVE nations
The man carries the MANTLE and the MANDATE of the God head man.
Christ is the ultimate man.

Them that are of ADAM have become ADAMANT and DORMANT
Living in MANIPULATION and MANHANDLING of all their lives can hold.

Where are the MEN ?
Whose heart beat and thirst for Christ !

Where are the men ?
Who yearn to learn of his ways
Who really loves the Lord and deeply with passion !
Who is the real men ?

It is him whose pride is not in bottles, parties or in ladies panties

It is him whose boast is not the women he has defiled and defied

It is him who picks up a responsibility for his actions.

Where are the real men?
Strong in faith, humble in heart, keen in learning Christ models of love to their children. The real men are the future generational thinkers…

These are the real men who have Christ, who serve Christ, who give Christ to their world.
These MEN are MENTORS and MENDERS of lives.
Their MANNER is after Christ giving MANNA to all them that have need
Their MANUSCRIPT is the bible,
Whose MANDATE is to EMANCIPATE a lost and dying generation
They hold in high esteem the Lord’s COMMANDMENT of the love
They are in dominion, MANAGERS of Gods economy following him who was born in a MANGER
They come with MANIFOLD wisdom to MANIFEST God
These are the men with whom there is a PERFORMANCE of God!
Happy father’s day!!!

Can you give the Lord a resounding hallelujah 😀


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