One Thing Needful- The Gospel of Jesus Christ.


With one of our fingers lifted up, telling the whole world that there is only one thing needful for the whole world- The Gospel of Jesus Christ. Upon our arrival from a town, YENDI, located in the northern sector of the country, GHANA . A town where majority of the people were unbelievers. Which other precious gift could you offer these people than the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. Love and fulfilment of Jesus’ greatest commission to mankind compelled us to live 10 days in this town only to tell our people about this Good news. Fulfilling this mandate is one thing that gave me an inner peace and joy unspeakable. I remember when I went for my last dawn broadcasting, as I walk down the street of Yendi, the joy of the Lord filled my heart; that’s the power of the gospel to the preacher. There is none Holy as the LORD, there is none beside Him, neither is there any rock like our LORD JESUS CHRIST. THE GOSPEL IS OUR ALL IN ALL.


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